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We challenge individuals by confronting self-imposed limitations.

We provide individuals with valuable life skills.

We develop quality instructors to promote the Martial Art of Aikido.




Zenshinkai was founded on the principle that every person in society has a capacity to improve themselves in ways that are exciting and challenging.

We offer opportunities for self-refinement, both mentally and physically. It is our goal that these opportunities provide our members with an increased sense of purpose, both toward themselves and toward their surrounding communities.




We operate within a precise and cohesive curriculum designed specifically to challenge our members. All of our teachers operate within this curriculum to maintain clarity and consistency of expectation. Our system assists our members in finding their full potential, and motivates them to grow into it.

There is no ’magic’ in our practice; it is simply clear, tangible, and achievable.

Reaching Potential

We teach our members to look within themselves and re-evaluate self-imposed limitations, like fear. The more we release our minds from these limitations, the more we develop and improve. Our members learn to face themselves, and in turn, they develop the courage to take bigger strides in life.

Leadership Development


As with most traditional Japanese martial arts, we are structured in a tier system. Ours cultivates a strong sense of respect and responsibility. As our members progress in rank, expectations are increased. Students gain support beyond the physical training, in ways that develop leadership skills, such as strategic management, clear analytical thinking, and fair decision making. These skills increase genuine confidence and integrity in leadership roles, both within and outside the Aikido community. We guide and support our members to become future Aikido instructors in order to further the art for years to come.

A Supportive Community


As an organization, we value the importance of community. A strong community is a place of opportunity, full of people looking out for our best interests, and sharing common goals. Community unites us and strengthens our training. It encourages us to develop a constructive attitude—one that is fair, active, and fully engaged in surrounding needs.

As our members progress through our curriculum, training becomes less about themselves and more about community. They develop an ability to see beyond themselves and fill the voids around them. Their sense of community grows beyond our organization and permeates daily life--their family, job, friendships, and life challenges. In our society, who doesn’t want a family member, employee, or friend that is truly helpful? One that can see beyond his or her own needs and provide support to those around them? We work diligently to cultivate this character, and are persistent in encouraging its development.
Because of this, Zenshinkai seminars are very energetic and vibrant, filled with members that challenge themselves and their peers, and create bonds with true meaning. Seminars provide a time to gather, train together, strengthen bonds, and partake in the benefits of our community.