Friendship Seminar, Norwalk, CT

Autumn got underway with a Friendship Seminar held at Yanagi Aikido, Norwalk, CT. Jointly taught by ZAA Chief Instructor Greg Noble Sensei and Toyoda Center Chief Instructor Blaine Feyen Sensei, the weekend’s training is probably best described as “high energy”. Training consisted of a mixture of open hand technique and weapons practice. Noble Sensei focused on projection throws while Feyen Sensei worked through numerous variation on jo nage with an emphasis on ‘one-and…’ timing which added to the intensity of the training. In between sessions, members from Yanagi Aikido, Jikishinkan Dojo, Zenshinkan Dojo, River Valley Aikikai, Shojo Dojo and Northwest Arkansas Aikido enjoyed an opportunity to rekindle old friendships and strike up new ones.


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